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Outreach Parties: Let’s Play Ball!

ImageBy Dr. Marshall M. Windsor

Here is an outreach idea that doesn’t need a lot of financial resources to facilitate. While football season is a long way off, winter and springtime sports events are in full swing. If nothing else, this just might stir up some unique ideas of your own!

Fifth Quarter / Third Half / Tenth Inning Parties

Synopsis: This can be a great outreach to teenagers, because it takes place on a night when the majority of the high school is looking for something to do after the Friday night football, basketball or baseball game. After the game, open you church or a local community center up to the students. Provide free food (pizza, snacks, soda, etc.), some form of entertainment (live band, talent show, skits, etc.), and games. Tailor it to your abilities and budget. Some teens can get into trouble when they don’t have something to do, and this is a great opportunity for your church to reach out to them in a practical way.

Target Audience: Teenagers (and some adults if the truth be known<G>)

Materials Needed: Food / Drinks / Entertainment / Games

Staff Needed: You will need to have anywhere from 10-15 volunteers for these events (or more depending on the size of your crowd). You can expect large crowds of students, and it is important to have plenty of adults to minimize the likelihood of anything getting out of hand.

Be sure to give your staff plenty of notice for this event. Normally football games are on Friday nights, but baseball and basketball vary. Most people will have busy schedules, so plan far in advance to avoid not having enough people. Give yourself, and your congregation, at least a two- to three-week notice.

These events could even be something that multiple local churches could come together for in order to gain enough volunteers and resources for larger crowds.

Budget Needed: Minimal

TAKE A SEC: Do you have an interesting outreach idea? Leave a comment and share what has really worked for you in your community!


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