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A Little Help.

Sometimes we all need a little help. When traveling in Germany this past month we happened across one of those really small cars that you can’t believe is a real car! It was such a fun looking vehicle that we had to snap a picture. I must admit that I wondered how well someone my size might fit into such a confined space, but luckily I didn’t have to find out.

As I pondered the novelty, and efficiency, of such a small car, I couldn’t help but think about how useful that car would be and what great gas mileage the owner probably enjoyed! But I also thought about how we all can use a helping hand sometimes, and that hand often comes in the most unlikely sizes, shapes, colors and people. And no matter what the help looks like, most people are extremely relieved, and sometimes surprised, that the assistance has come at all.

As a Christian, I find myself in situations where I could sure use  a little assistance. Sometimes that assistance arrives as planned and I can pat myself on the back for having so much foresight. However, most of the time I just get tripped up by everyday life just like everyone else and need some guidance, encouragement, or resources that will help me get through a difficult situation. There are times when I have just plain failed God, in my opinion, and with that failure comes a realization that I need God a lot more than I had even believed up until that point. The Bible does say that, “Humility comes before honor” (Proverbs 15:33), but I don’t know of anyone who loves humility – it can be a tough spoonful of medicine to swallow…yes…medicine.

But thankfully God knows what every person needs and He loves to help. One of the greatest things I believe every person on the face of this earth can enjoy, is how welcoming God can be. When we don’t measure up by the world’s standards, or our own idea of what perfection should include, it’s nice to know that God always comes to our assistance when we call on Him and allow Him to work in our lives. I guess that’s why they call it grace…that unmerited favor that allows us to have  a restored relationship with God through his son, Jesus Christ. How about you? Do you need a little assistance today? God’s just an invitation away.


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