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eHarmony. No, I’m not talking about the dating network. I’m talking about “Evangelism Harmony.” One author suggested that the word evangelism is one of the most hated words by Christians and non-Christians alike! We have made evangelism into such an expert oriented mandate that only people with certain skill-sets can ever hope to correctly conduct evangelism. What a bunch of nonsence! Every single Christian can (and should) do evangelism on a daily basis – and it’s easy.

In the Scriptures we are told that “There came a man who was sent from God; his name was John. He came as a witness to testify concerning that light, so that through him all men might believe” (John 1:6-7 NIV). In the original Greek language, the word for “testify” or another translation says “bear witness of” means to “say something good.” I’m a firm believer that every Christian should be able to at least share something good that God has done in their life. Just like taking up for a friend when they get into a disagreement with someone else, God just longs for His children to say something good about Him!

Some people have said that “I’m not really a soul winner.” And the truth is – they’re right. They are not a soul-winner and no one else is either except Jesus Christ. There is only one soul-winner, but he chooses to work through people in many respects; and it is the Holy Spirit of God that draws people to God and to that point of allowing Jesus Christ to have lordship and leadership of their lives. As Christians we should see the definition of evangelism something like this: “Evangelism is working in harmony with the Holy Spirit to help bring a person one step closer to a relationship with God.” We need to pray for opportunities, then look around us to see what God is doing and jump right in the middle of it. Billy Graham even shared that no matter whether we are the first or last link in the process of sharing Christ with others, each link is just as valuable as the other.

So today, think about the places and people you see on a regular basis and how you might be able to plant a seed of Christian love into their lives. A word of encouragement, a cup of coffee paid for, a window washed, groceries carried, or any number of other things you might have within your ability to do – you can represent Christ without even saying a word. But if the Lord does give you the privilege of saying something good about Him, just remember, He can even help give you the words to say! So get ready to say something good to someone else (whether in word or in deed) about what God has done in your life today!


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Interesting Opportunity

I recently ran across this youtube video with Trish Ramos who highlights a pretty neat opportunity to share the gospel – even from your car window in a drive through without actually having to talk to the person first hand! Her website seems to be filled with interesting articles about sharing your faith as well. Here is a two minute video on how Trish shares the gospel while just going through the drive through getting something to eat.

Here is the link –


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It’s a new day!

The Evangelism Group is underway and we are happy to announce that the first phase will be Evangelism Development. The Lord continues to open doors of mentoring, ministry, and partnering with itinerant ministries and church leaders, as well as educational institutions and districts for evangelism training. The development arm has also been afforded the privilege of providing leadership for the Assembly of God’s Central Bible College and their College of Evangelism. Excitement is stirring upon the college campus and God is graciously providing open doors for that ministry. Truly, it’s a new day for The Evangelism Group and this is hopefully only the first phase of several more to come!

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